Mariah Carey Fans


Mariah Carey, a child of the 70s, broke on the scene in the 90s on the Columbia Records label. Her romance with Tommy Mottola, executive of Columbia Records, lead to many hit records, such as "Always be my Baby". But separation in 1997 from Mottola lead to her leaving Columbia Recorders in 2001 for Virgin Records. This was the start of her unpopular times.

Mariah's strong gospel roots have gotten her through her physical and emotional breakdown in 2002, as well as a movie being considered one of the worst in her career, to bounce back in 2005 with the song "We Belong Together" - making song of the decade. Mariah has now married her second husband Nick Cannon in 2008 and on their third anniversary welcomed twins into their lives.

Now Mariah, being a new mother, wife, singer, actress and model, is hoping to release a new album by the end of the year. Mariah is breaking records and setting the goals high for herself as well as her fans, asking them for support and an open mind in life. Many artists cite Mariah's singing and style to inspiring them and contributing to their style as well.

Mariah's career has span over the last twenty years, and she is considered the best selling female artist, having sold over 200 million albums, and more yet to go. Mariah's career is far from over, with many options and adventures out there for her to undertake. One might wonder what will Mariah do next; movie, song, or what will be on that list for her to accomplish next.

Mariah is tied with "The King", Elvis Presley, for most number one singles. So one might call her "The Queen" of the music world. Mariah is involved with many charities such as "Make a Wish" and "Fresh Air Fund". She was awarded with the "Make a Wish Foundation Idol" and a Congressional Horizon Award for all her charitable work. Mariah was named Hunger Ambassador in 2008. With all the suffering in this world, Mariah has met and is leading a fight to end as much as she can in this ugly world we live in.

In 2009 Mariah was nominated for role as Mrs. Weiss in the movie "Precious". In 2010 Mariah released her second Christmas album entitled "Merry Christmas II You" which features her 1994 hit Christmas song "All I want for Christmas is You". Look for more from Mariah in 2011.